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April 19, 2005

DS Update Addendum

The webmaster of DS Update an I had an interesting conversation tonight regarding his article and the reasoning behind it. All questions were left unanswered, and all I came away with was that DS Update and their staff are content with bad publicity as long as they get hits, and that the Administrator of the site posted the article to garner attention from others; in essence: a publicity stunt. His name is Matt Shellder, and my AIM is xAuron244x thanks to my good friend Alex Phoenix for giving me that AIM account since I never used AIM until he gave it to me.

xAuron244x: Why post such an article?

mattshellder: well, its an editorial, read for its opinion and not facts

mattshellder: the disclaimer is there

xAuron244x: The disclaimer isn't good enough. You're still promoting non-facts.

xAuron244x: The disclaimer should also read "The information contained here is all inaccurate".

mattshellder: i really dont care if you found some half wit blog that said sony is the be all and end all, but it is not all inaccruate

xAuron244x: You may not promote the person who uses non-facts, but your site is promoting the content if you post it. And yes it is all inaccurate. Not a single thing said is accurate in the least.

mattshellder: are you arguing that the systems came out at different times?

mattshellder: are you arguing that the systems were called different names?

xAuron244x: I'm strictly referring to the whole issue of "Playstation 3 being Sony's swan song". There are many inaccuracies in the history, but that is hardly the point of the article and the opinion being expressed.

mattshellder: well dont say all if they're not all

xAuron244x: There is enough there that "all" is an accurate enough hyperbole. So what you're saying is you support people who use non-facts to support an invalid argument?

mattshellder: its an editorial, read for opinion and not facts

mattshellder: get over it

xAuron244x: Then perhaps the opinion should be there and not made up facts. As an editorial, it would require some amount of self-editing, and if it's meant to be read as an opinion, it would only consist of the opinion. The writer clearly had the intent of slighting against Sony and hoping people would believe the "facts" he jotted down. I'm over it, I even efficiently proved it all wrong in a matter of minutes. I'm just wondering why you'd support someone who wrote it? It clearly isn't the interest of journalistic integrity to support it, because doing so would have quite the opposite effect. So why so much support for something that doesn't deserve it?

xAuron244x: By the way, that half-wit blog entry was written by yours truly so what ever you have to say about it can be directed over here.

mattshellder: thats nice, the article is attracting attention thats what it is meant to do

xAuron244x: So it's a publicity stunt?

mattshellder: lol, its the opinion of the writer, and I like the writing style

mattshellder: do you expect me to take it down because of this?

xAuron244x: You like the style of making big claims based on information that is totally false?

xAuron244x: No, I expect you to disclaim to your readership that the information contained in the article is mostly false.

mattshellder: hes a talented writer, his articles are read for opinion and not facts. there is a disclaimer, you run your site the way you want to ill run mine the way i want to

xAuron244x: How can you call that talent? If I said I could juggle 12 chainsaws but could only fumble three tennis balls, you'd call that talent?

mattshellder: why would you juggle chainsaws?

xAuron244x: Why would you post an editorial composed entirely of false information?

mattshellder: lol, like i said before it was written for the opinion and not the facts

mattshellder: calm down and stop asking questions you already know the answers too

xAuron244x: But the opinion is malformed. In essence, it's an opinion that is
actually wrong.

xAuron244x: Why support something that can only give your site bad publicity, since this is afterall just a publicity stunt right?

xAuron244x: Eh?

mattshellder: no

mattshellder: never

xAuron244x: Then why support it. The opinion is malformed, why let the credibility of DS Update diminish so easily?

mattshellder: if you want to write an article for me that is well written id be glad to post it on my site

xAuron244x: I may take you up on that offer one day.

mattshellder: hey if your postin anywhere else let them know that offer is open to anyone in the public

xAuron244x: Will do.

xAuron244x: I don't suppose you'd consider posting my rebuttal sans finishing insult?

xAuron244x: And censored words.

mattshellder: if there is a post with swears i delete it, no exception

mattshellder: i am fine with opinions, but there is never any need to be vulgar

xAuron244x: So you'd be fine with censorship?

mattshellder: no

xAuron244x: So as long as I remove the "swears", you'd post it?

mattshellder: no, change the words

xAuron244x: You'd rather me change than remove them?

mattshellder: yes

xAuron244x: Will do. Expect it in your inbox in a matter of minutes.

mattshellder: this better not only be a paragraph long and attacking anyone

xAuron244x: It isn't. I'm suprised you haven't read it yet

xAuron244x: I'll even mock the HTML with all relevant links for you so all you have to do is copy and paste.

xAuron244x: Actually, here, accept it over AIM

mattshellder: if this is a virus i will be severly disappointed lol

xAuron244x: Don't worry, I'm not that kind of person.

xAuron244x wants to send file playstation3rebutal.txt.

mattshellder received playstation3rebutal.txt.

mattshellder: no

xAuron244x: You'll find all the insults have been removed, and swears changed from the original at vgpundit.blogspot.com

xAuron244x: No what?

xAuron244x: Eh?

mattshellder: no im not posting that

mattshellder: its aimed at another article

mattshellder: aim at the issue

xAuron244x: It's aimed at the "End of the Playstation Generation".

xAuron244x: That was the rebuttal.

mattshellder: aim at the issue

xAuron244x: You're pathetic. I see now that you're just another biased fanboy willing
to defend your ow ignorant kin. It's aimed at the issue and it's going right through your POS article.

mattshellder: you can aim at how nintendo will fail, how microsoft will fail, or how any of them will succeed regardless, but you're just aiming at the article itsself and not the issue

mattshellder: rewrite it and give me a shout

xAuron244x: Then post it as a suppliment to the article as a foot not at the end of the "editorial".

xAuron244x: It wouldn't be a rebuttal if I wrote it in that fashion my friend.

mattshellder: you shouldnt have to rebuttal just say your opinion

xAuron244x: My opinion is the rebuttal, hence the reason why it's called a "rebuttal".

mattshellder: im not going to post a flame war between argueable fanboys

xAuron244x: A counterpoint to an opposing opinion.

mattshellder: post it without mentioning the other article

xAuron244x: O

xAuron244x: Then I'll just post it in the comments section...

mattshellder: w/e you feel you need to do to get w/e attention you desire

mattshellder: all this arguing makes me happy i posted it

xAuron244x: So the discrediting of your site excites you?

mattshellder: hehe, im not worried

xAuron244x: That's great, because I would be.

mattshellder: lol

mattshellder: get over it

xAuron244x: Already did. If you don't mind, I'll be posting this conversation as an addendum to the rebuttal, so the public can see you endorce publicity stunts, support erroenous opinions so long as they support your ideals, and have no grasp on what an "editorial" is?

mattshellder: lol

mattshellder: whatever makes you feel big

xAuron244x: It doesn't make me feel big, I'm merely doing my job as an industry pundit.

mattshellder: lol i always believed sites in our industry should aim at the vg indutry and not opinions of other writers, but do what you think you must

xAuron244x: Then you believe in something that is entirely wrong. The opinion of other writers, as long as they're advertising false informations, reflects on every other writer. Taking them to task is how us credible writers rectify that. I assume you don't understand this however, since you continually support such non-sense from amateur writers.

mattshellder: lol ok

mattshellder: i dont mind, im such a small site. any extra hits we get arent hurting

xAuron244x: Right.

mattshellder: i mean that as you posting your things about my site

xAuron244x: That's the perfect attitude to have...bad publicity is okay as long as you get hits. On that note, I bid you farewell.

mattshellder: lol

mattshellder: later man

mattshellder: remember my offer is always open if you dont aim at the article

xAuron244x: Yes well, I haven't forgotten.

What can I say? He's a piece of work, not unlike the articles he posts.


Blogger BlueRondo said...

Wow. That's absurd. The guy's an idiot.

July 25, 2005 3:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, he is NOT an idiot. He is a nice guy and the only idiots are those who refer to him as one. By the way, I'M the idiot who wrote that article! Those are MY opinions....Not anybody else's! So if you want to attack anybody, attack me! dankatz316@hotmail.com

For your information, I did not respond because my browser got messed up and could not...I don't know why. And NEVER claim that you are a writer! You are NOT a writer! You, my friend, are a flamer and nothing more! I can EASILY tear apart EVERY SINGLE rebutle that you made so e-mail me and I'll tear them apart one at a time.

Learn something, pal: When you make a response, do it intelligently. Don't attack the site, they claim no responsibility. Be polite. Don't insult people. Don't assume...You're making an ass out of you and NOT me. Don't use an article by somebody else as a publicity stunt like you're doing now. Be open-minded. Forgive one or two errors as far as the release of Atari and such goes. And above all, don't be an idiot. I'm awaiting your response.

August 06, 2005 8:20 PM

Blogger Adam said...

Mr. DanKatz316,

I'd rather you post your rebuttal here, with links and proof provided. All you'll do in an email conversation is repeat "Flamer, pwned idoit I WIN!" over and over. I'd rather leave it here in public view as to mediate your dignity. Unless you want to lost all future credibility in editorials you write (not that you had any after "Playstation Generation"), you'll post your rebuttal to every point here. I provided links from verifiable and reliable sources, unless you can provide counter links from even more reliable sources, ie: God or better, then you don't have a leg to stand on.

But then again, it's always amusing to watch you try...so go ahead. I challenge you. I'll even post it along side my rebuttal for direct comparison if it's reliable. Until then you're still just a low-life idiot with an ill-conceived opinion.

August 06, 2005 9:22 PM


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