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June 14, 2005

IGN's Matt Cassamassina...

...officially the smartest person in the business of gaming publications (online and print).

Matt assails Nintendo's choice to wipe HD support, and for the most part his argument is indisputable. I think firstly it takes a smart man to deliver the message intelligently, and an even smarter (and brave) man to do it staring hoardes of Nintendo fanboys down the throat. He will be attacked, virtually clawed, bitten, harassed, and probably threatened. Yet, he won't stagger on his ground, and he never takes guff from no illiterate fanboy. I commend him for that.

If you want to read the whole rant, go right ahead, but what's important is the punchline. (Keep in mind the link is time sensitive. I will update the link when another mailbag is updated).

"Will there still be great games? Undoubtedly. Does that make Nintendo sane? Nope. It's officially crazy."

I think in the long run, forgoing any chit chat about their software, Nintendo is not a talented hardware developer. Perchance there are people out that like Nintendo's software, and even their consoles; blinded by the jargon behind the tech, but tech-nuts know when they're looking at something worth the red ink. Does that mean the hardware boasts essence or virtue? Nintendo's cost cutting measures have labelled them as a toy company, and their current choices aren't aiding them in defending against that front. They make all the wrong moves, and yet you have people that lap it up like lap-dogs (excuse the pun)? I'm putting my foot down. Until Nintendo starts letting loose the dogs of war, and stops reserving itself in the name of making profits off of hardware (which is almost unheard of with any normal corporate entity), I don't see Nintendo as a serious competitor. They're aiming so far from the target that they'd be lucky if they hit air.

Nintendo is the Backstreet Boys of the gaming. Most of the industry has all but forgotten about them, yet they keep unleashing release after release all because they continue to be funded by the people who support their mistakes. Let the madness end. Nintendo has been going down hill since it's birthing of the NES, and has managed to attract no new gamers since. In fact, year after year, for the past 20 or so, Nintendo has been mislaying their target audience. Reliably fallible and consistently supporting negative claims against them, Nintendo is on a divotless track to hit rock bottom. Not in the near future, but inevitibility will catch up to them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only graphic whores care about HD capabilities. I have an HDTV, but do I care if Revolution gets HD? No. Would it be nice to get HD? Yes. But wether nor not I get it, I will be just fine.
People are over-inflating the whole issue. It really isn't that big of a deal. The only people who bring it up are Sony/MS fanboys who want yet another idiotic reason to hate Nintendo.

June 14, 2005 9:46 AM

Blogger Adam said...

Dismissing technology that is exponentially growing annually as something that isn't "important for gaming", is not fine with me.

If you read the link (which I doubt you did), you'll notice that the number of HD equiped homes in the US scaled up from 2.2% in 2003, to 4.7% in 2004, and 12% in 2005. That's a fairly obvious trend that Nintendo is dismissing. They claim to appeal to a wider audience with this move, which makes zero sense. They're actually alienating the HD-ites and early adopters of HD. Who will want Revolution when they can actually play Ps3 and 360 on their HD televisions in 1080i. You see, making a console HD ready does not eliminate the ability to play on an analogue signal, so Nintendo is flat-out lying (or just plain stupid) when they say they're appealing to a wider audience with a non-HD console. It's a cost cutting measure through and through.

June 14, 2005 10:36 AM

Anonymous Mega Phoenix said...


they are indeed declining. playstation beat that in half the time, lol.

and yeah, not having HD support is stupid. casuals and the industry will respect the console that has the "better things". now since the revo doesnt have a lot of these "better things" for the many gamers in the world, then they are seen as "worse". not having HD support just makes that even worse.

June 14, 2005 10:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Admit it, you just hate Nintendo and the only reason you posted this was because you knew people from NGG had a link here, so you wanted to piss off Nintendrones while and not be modded for your trolling.

June 14, 2005 11:59 AM

Blogger Adam said...

I don't hate Nintendo, so no I won't admit that. Why is that when someone doesn't agree with something that they "hate" it to you Nintendo fanboys?

And no, the only influence for the creation of this site and it's content was creative instinct. As I mentioned in an earlier aticle, Nintendo fanboys tend not to get to a point, but rather attack you head on while ignoring everything you say. You're exemplfying that as we speak...

June 14, 2005 12:07 PM

Anonymous Mega Phoenix said...

that anonymous fanboy was directing his comments at me. but my point was true, the other people are too scared to use their "names" and hide behind an anonymous name :P

and since this isn't gamefaqs, and its not censored to hell, then it is not trolling. opinons are allowed here and they can be spoken however they want.

but speaking of Matt, the drones think he is "anti nintendo" now :P just because he has an opinon that he isnt too scared to state :P

June 15, 2005 3:14 AM


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