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July 31, 2005

Demystifying Killer 7

Master, we are in a tight spot...

Needless to say, if you haven't finished Killer 7 yet, don't read on. Major spoilers abound. This editorial is primarily written witht the audience of people who have finished the game in mind, so please, no complaints. You've been warned.

Who are Harman and Kun?

My interpretation rests solely on the roles of both Harman and Kun. If there's one common person throughout Killer 7, it would most definitely be Harman. His role in Killer 7 is vital. To put it simply, Harman and Kun are the mortal forms of God and Satan. Think about it, why is a room where Harman and Kun play chess titled "Forbidden Room"? It isn't just a chess game, it's representative of God and the Devil moving around their fighters in a great war between good and evil. There's also stark contrasts between Harman and Kun: Harman has white hair, and Kun has Black hair. Harman's apparel is similar to the tunic of a preist, and Kun's suit is reminiscent of some kind of Vampire, embodying the demonistic side of the spectrum. The subtle hints are placed throughout the game. For example, who does Harman command? You, Garcian. Who commands the Heaven Smile? Kun. Good verus bad, again. How do Harman and Kun perform such extravagant feats like catch bullets mid-air? Divine and satanic power would seem like a convenient answer, but the subtle hints placed throughout the game make it a likely possibility.

The next question is why do Harman and Kun engage in this war? I suppose we can look to other forms of entertainment like movies for the answer. If you're a comic book fanatic, you've probably read Hellblazer, and the recent Constantine feature film. God and the Devil engage in a war with each other, and instead of going head to head, they wage war with divine and unearthly mortal beings. I suppose the film provides a convenient template for deciphering this, and it may in fact be wrong, but I think it's a good starting point.

The most apparent hint that Harman is in fact God, would be Iwazaru. We all know Lucifer is an archangel, so at one point in time, he called Him "master". With the amount of bizarre themes in Killer 7, would it seem so far fetched that Kun would mock Harman by pretending to aid you in Harman's name yet lead you time after time into hordes of Heaven Smile? I wouldn't think so. Remember, "In the name of Harman..."? Everyday devout Christians worship "In the name of our lord", "In the name of God", and "In the name of the Father". So the question is, is Harman really a father?

The next question is, how do you prove Kun is Satan? Most of us know the alternative name for Satan is "Lucifer". Lucifer was believed to be second in command to God himself, at least in Christian mythology. We normally refer to a "second in command" as 's right hand man. Lucifer the name is also derived from two words: lux, meaning light, and ferre, meaning to bear. Lucifer is the bearer of light. Coincidentally enough, in the battles with Kun and Harman, Kun's right hand is raised in the air, and is appearingly holding "light". This imagery is just too hard to ignore, and is probably the most convincing piece of evidence for the God/Satan theory.

Who is Samantha?

The answer is both the Christ and the anti-Christ; Jesus and Dante. We know that Samantha's last name is Smith, so I believe this is to lead us to the conclusion that she is Harman's daughter. So which is which? In lamens terms, the maid outfit is Jesus, and the casual clothing is Dante. Why else would the maid answer to every one of Harman's wishes, and the hill-billy Samantha torture and mock him? Dante's purpose was to mock God and his divinity with Christ, so the fact that we see him and Samantha engaging in incestual acts is only the smallest of ways in which she (and Kun) could mock him. The change happens when the lights are on or off. I'm not sure which is which, but there's deifnitely a transformation there. While it's entirely possible that Samantha could be nobody, I think her relation with Harman and her different states, justifies the notion that Harman and Kun are Godly and Satanic figureheads for the greater beings and concepts of "God" and the "Devil".

Garcian, The Killer 7, and Heaven Smile

Garcian is undoubtedly an Angel of death. Why ele is the first mission entitled "Angel"? If Harman is in fact God, or at least a representation of him, then why does he approve of the mindless acts of violence Garcian commits? Garcian must be doing His will if he so approves. Why would Harman approve of such things? Because the Heaven Smile are the pawns of Kun, the Devil. Does Garcian have the power of resurrection? No, as Garcian himself states, he's only a collector. He retreives the bodies and brings them back to Harman's Room to be resurrected with his power. Harman is in fact the one with the power of resurrection. But Harman isn't in Harman's room? Who else has the power of regeneration? Christ right? I've already discussed Samantha as the Christ figure, and this one fact proves that a little more: who controls the TV remote? Samantha. She's the one who resurrects your fallen assassins, not Garcian.

The name Heaven Smile is hard to discern reasoning for, and every theory I can come up with leads to basless speculation. I really can't tackle that realistically. The Killer 7...why were they murdered, and why are the Killer 7 vigilantes for God? As they say, fight fire with fire. The Killer 7, or at least 6 of them, are past-life sinners. Dan is consistently referred to as "Hellion", Coyote is a theif, and Kaede is a suicidal maniac; suicide being a mortal sin. Fight evil, with evil. Of course, this is again only a theory, so I can't concretely prove this but you could say that's how I feel about it.

So what about the ending?

Well we know Iwazaru, in spirit form is a servant of Harman, as he heads him as master. In a past life, Iwazaru was once Harman's master, so I suppose thats why Iwazaru appears to you in spirit form, and not in the form of a corpse or ghost. Iwazaru didn't die, only his soul, something only God himself can claim possession over. It's as vague differentian, but it's one that fits. When you kill Iwazary in the end, you aren't defeating the servant, you're killing the now present, physical form of Iwazaru. The man who is now ruler of the underworld, Lucifer. What about the 100 years later? As I mentioned earlier, both Harman and Kun are in my interpretation, only the physical forms of his holiness and the ruler of the underworld. Both can be killed, but both can be revived when either is ready to wage war against one another again.

I suppose this entire entire game, in my eyes, is a very macabre take on the Christian Dogma, but the signs are there. While I believe that the roles of Garcian, the Killer 7, Samanta and the Heaven Smile are up for interpretation, I think there's just too much evidence proving that Harman and Kun are or are representations of God and Lucifer. I think the entire plot is just ingeniously put together. There are so many possibile interpretations, and most of them would be just as valid as this one. If you think I've missed something, or if you have your own interpretation, feel free to let me know in a comment. I'm still very open to interpretation on all fronts.

...a really tight spot.


Anonymous Isaac2022 said...

I disagree. Harman is Satan, Kun is God. Why? Kun commands the Heaven Smiles. Also, he has a God Hand.

In the manual, it says Harman is the God-killer.

August 01, 2005 10:51 AM

Anonymous Isaac2022 said...

Okay, I actually read your whole thing now.

In Angel, Travis tells you that the Heaven Smiles are fighting with a holy will on their side or something. This further backs up what I said before about Kun being God.

The whole holy will thing can also be seen as an allusion to the War on Terrorism, since the Heaven Smiles seem to be suicide bombers.

Also, you said Garcian is the Angel of Death. I see him as being Death. You know, the Grim Reaper or whatever. He's an assassin who receives assignments to kill certain people, similar to how the Grim Reaper is supposed to kill people who Satan wants dead.

Hopefully I haven't contradicted myself here...

By the way, I'm the guy you talked to on AIM last week about this game.

August 01, 2005 11:03 AM

Blogger Adam said...

You need to remember, instruction manuals aren't meant to give the whole picture. Sure he has a "God hand", but remember Lucifer was once God's right hand man, and thus was essentially God's hand.

As for Heaven Smiles, just because it has "Heaven" in the name, does automatically mark it as divine. Recall that Usama bin Laden commits acts of Terror in Allah's name, so I don't see any difference between them and say Kun and the Heaven Smile. It's a spin on the concept of jihad I guess.

This also explains why Iwazaru says "In the name of Harman...". Referring to "God" or "Allah". A false pretense that starts a war. Remember, Iwazaru is Kun, the enemy, and "In the name of God..." is not as shocking when you consider how many real world vilains use the same reasoning to commit genocide.

August 01, 2005 4:15 PM


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