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July 24, 2005

DSUpdate.net takes Ps3 to task, I return the favour

If you're an avid reader of videogame blogs, or wannabe web-sites, you may or may not have heard of DS Update. If you do then you've already read this piece of work. If you read it from start to finish, bravo. I found myself tempted to exit my browser and pray to our lord, so that people like this "Ninty Freak" never procreate. I did however, stomach the entire thing, and found myself laughing histerically. Do people like this actually believe what they say? Do they ever even present an iota of proof for their luacrous claims? No, and that's why I'm here to show them how it's done. Proof is undeniably the one thing that creates a solid statement. If you can back yourself up, then you're standing pretty firmly. Without it, like this article from DS Update, your ideas fall apart with even the mildest of shakes.

Dear DS Update,

In your article entitled "The Fall of the Playstation Generation", you make many, almost all, incorrect assertions about the Playstation 3. If you had any sense of journalistic integrity, you would have done your research. I will tackle each point, bit by bit, until I'm fully satisifed with your dismemberment. Please take this opportunity to learn from your mistakes. There is no wrong in disliking the Playstation 3, but making generalistic claims that Sony will die because of the Playstation 3 without proof of any of the points you make, is a sure way of being taken to the ground. Quite easily too I might add.

1) Form factor is not a verifiable reason for the "downfall of Sony". If you'll recall, the original Playstation 2 was a hideous machine. It looked far worse than any stand alone DVD player, and still sold by the millions. Let's not forget, there are significant numbers of gamers who prefer the look of the Playstation 3 to the other console, and vice versa. You don't like the look of the Playstation 3, I get that, but it isn't a valid reason, or even piece of a valid reason for "ending the Playstation Generation". It just doesn't hold water. Ugly products sell all of the time, and is often not at the top of the list of reasons for purchasing an expensive piece of hardware.

2)"Ps3 is an untested technology": Wrong. Game studios like Epic have had RSX and Cell technology months prior to E3. Watch the press conference for yourself, and hear them tell you straight up that they received development software for RSX and Cell 2 months before E3. That pegs "testing time" at roughly 5 months already, with little less than a year to go. By industry standards, that's decent. Don't forget, Microsoft only just got beta kits to developers in June. That leaves only 5 months for "testing", as opposed to Playstation 3's one year or more time for product testing, benchmarking and development.

3)"This will make games buggy and glitchy": See above. If Playstation 3 games are going to be glitchy with a years worth of technology benchmarking, then Xbox 360 games are going to damn unplayable. This is of course not true, so take this as a sarcastic undertone to the previous statement.

4)"Cell and Playstation 3 are difficult to program": Quite the contrary actually, and developers seem to be singing it's praises too. Just the fact that these statements were made so long ago leads one to believe you pulled the entire paragraph in which this point lies, directly from your ass. You say one thing, but the truth is the extreme opposite.

Other things to consider, are the recent developments from Sony's Playstation Meeting 2005. Sony has entered in a liscencing agreement with Havok, the creators of the industries most commonly used physics engine, because of it's ease of use. It's a tool for developers, which makes life easier rather than program an entire physics engine for each game exclusively. Instead of using an internal PPU, the Playstation 3 can now account for realistic physics without the added cost in the hardware. The sizable storage of the Blu Ray format also makes this a practical application.

Second, Sony has gone into cohoots with Epic, and liscenced the Unreal 3 Engine for Playstation 3 development kits. Again, the Unreal engine series are widely considered the best 3-D rendering tools ever, and if you payed attention at E3, delivers powerful visuals that pack a strong punch, and it churns them out in record time. The Unreal Tournament 2007 real-time tech demo was cited at being a mere 2 month development. Teaming up with AGEIA also glues these two important tools together, and concretely makes Playstation 3 an easy to develop for piece of hardware.

5)"Blu-Ray up to 50 GB, HD-DVD up to 45 GB": I suppose both statements are accurate, but not quite fair. The 45 GB HD-DVD's are a triple layered version of the format, and the 50 GB Blu-Ray discs are dual layered. Being fair, dual layered versions of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are 50 GB and 30 GB respectively, and triple layered versions are 75 GB and 45 GB respectively. Using nonpartisan comparisons, Blu-Ray is still the superior format.

6)"Blu-Ray is costly": Again, the opposite is true. Manufacturing cost of Blu-Ray discs is half off current DVD costs. This is due to the fact that Sony can use silicon based plastics instead of glass based plates. The reason Betamax was defeated by VHS, was because it was a vastly more expensive medium, and a Betamax player was bulky and overpriced. This time around, Blu-Ray has the advantage, but this format is war is going to operate under a different set of industry condititions so anything is possible.

7)"Ps3 will cost $400-800 dollars, games $80, HDD $150?":
Let's see, first off, the Playstation 3 only costs 494 dollars to produce, and Sony expects to incur billions in losses on the system, so ultimately we're looking at an estimated 400 dollar maximum price tag. Following the same link, Sony officially says Playstation 3 will launch around the price point as Playstation 2 in Japan. "Around" can mean many things, but in no way is it indicative of a doubled price or greater depending on which idiots you talk to.

As for games, no official figures have been given, but you can expect Xbox 360 software prices to be on the rise in concert with the Playstation 3's. This is a moot point no matter how you look at it. With increased development costs for games on all fronts, not just the Playstation 3, increased software prices is an expectation. You're suprised by this? You shouldn't be. As for a 150 dollar hard drive, I'd like you state a source because as it stands, the 40 GB hard drive for the Playstation 2 doesn't even cost 100 dollars and it comes preloaded with Final Fantasy XI, let alone a 20 GB hard drive with no preloaded software exceeding that number, especially within a years time. Get on with the source citing or admit you're full of shit.

8)"It could very well be that Sony will never make a PS4.": It's also very likely that every bit of "information" you've made mention of is entirely false. No, not likely, it is. You are wrong on all accounts. Courtesy of one of my more humourous readers: "I'm going to have to ask you to leave the internet, you're just too fuckin' stupid".

: Apparently it wasn't enough to be publically humiliated, but now he had to go and completely disown any credibility DS Update may have initially had. Matt Shellder, you truely are a piece of work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my.

That was not an inelegant article, but a total piece of shit. How do people like this guy even THINK of this shit?

DS update eh?
You guys may need to get rid of that ridiculous staff member of yours, or your so called site will get a terrible reputation, worse that the reputation of Nintendo and the DS! Ha!
Will they have the courage to post a response here, or are they cowards?

July 24, 2005 6:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't want to sound like a Sony fanboy but what else can I say...

You brought the facts to the table and completely destroyed Ninty's biased rant.

Great job Adam.

Now, let the Nintendo fanboys aka drones aka sheep flood your article.

July 24, 2005 8:14 PM

Blogger Adam said...

I only wish Nintendo fanboys would read this, I'd also love it if they fought it tooth and nail. It would only further prove their foolishness, and collectively prove the idiocy of the "Ninty Freaks" all over the world.

July 24, 2005 9:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

^How about the idiocy of all this crap? It's just an article. i think we get it may not be 100% true. I don't have a problem with people correcting him, but all the site bashing and labeling and "fanboy" junk is crazy.

People, calm down. I know people may not agree on everything. I know some people are passionate. But all the arguing and fighting over VIDEO GAMES is pretty...it's freakin' stupid. Cool it. Calm down and take a breather. No big deal here.

Jimmie (Patrick Tow)
Forum Moderator
DS Update

P.S.-Sorry if this offends anyone. I'm pretty sure this whole thing has been too much on the offensive, anyway. No need to go crazy.

July 24, 2005 10:26 PM

Blogger Adam said...

It isn't just an article, and it isn't 100% correct, it's 0% correct. What's stupid is that a site like DS Update would ever consider posting the article without checking the "facts" it presents. If you're a moderator, start exercising that muscle of conversation with the sites administrators. It deserves all the offensive popularity it gets. It's a load of trash that should either be removed from the site, disclaimed for being a complete lie, or left up as an artifact of DS Update's biased and uneducated opinion.

July 24, 2005 10:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, it doesn't deserve the offense. Nothing deserves offense. This all some huge debate over an article on a DS Blog that's gone mad (the debate, that is). It's speculation, for crying out loud, and I doubt anyone would care if it didn't happen.

Jimmie (Patrick)

July 24, 2005 11:02 PM

Blogger Adam said...

Think what you want, but the article deserves no praise and is worth nothing. I'm merely driving the point home.

July 25, 2005 12:10 AM

Blogger Azuris said...

On the outside, this whole argument may seem stupid. But in reality, it is far from stupid. Even editorials should not present inaccuracies and non-facts.

The point is not that the writer's opinion is wrong, it's that the facts he used to reach that opinion are wrong. If the article was re-written with correct facts that support the opinion, it'd be a worthy article for publication. Unfortunately, as Adam found, this is not true of the article in question.

As such, the article should be taken off the site or re-written.

July 25, 2005 10:44 AM

Blogger Adam said...

I think now that it's useless to argue with the guy. If you've read the AIM discussion with the sites Webmaster, you'll see that they support the "writing" of Ninty Freak, and it was merely a grab at attention. I don't think they knew the information was false when they posted it, but the intent of the article was to garner attention, unfortunately it was the wrong kind of attention.

July 25, 2005 11:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The article was very inaccurate and made a lot of assumptions, but the form and price is important to a lot of people. you might of thought the PS2 looked ugly, but most people liked it.

BTW in the Top Stories part of your blog it says promises "revolutionary" gameplay with it's new controller, which it promised to show but didn't for fear of having their ideas ripped off (which has never happened in the past, meaning Nintendo just had nothing to show this year)." People have stolen Nintendo's ideas before, they created the D Pad and Shoulder buttons, which has been used in all consoles since the SNES. After the N64 controller was revealed, both Sony and Sega released new controllers, with an analogue stick and a rumble function (for the PS1 only). When you consider that it shows that people have stolen their ideas before.

July 25, 2005 12:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A friendly suggestion:

You may want to re-write this article with some different voice so that you do not sound like a thirty-year-old fat man living in his mother's basement who screams bloody murder and embarks on an internet crusade every time a blogger writes an article on videogames with some factual innacuracies.

Wrong as his article may be, you look like a complete tool for flinging insults and profanity over something as entirely silly as this.

July 25, 2005 6:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the DSUpdate place credible? No.

But this place is the exact same thing, but replace the Ninty fanboyism with Sony fanboyism.

July 25, 2005 6:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't find an edit button...

The person above just pointed out what I was going to point out: a quick glance over the rest of the site reveals that this guy is just a vengeful Sony fanboy. He should be ignored as well.

July 25, 2005 6:31 PM

Anonymous I found Ds-update, then found this. said...

This place is simply pitiful. Your site obviusly isn't "all-3-companies friendly," more like a look playstation fanboy's very empty mind. This site offers half assed oppinions about video games with its staffers who haven't had sex in 5 years. One case in point is this beautifully written article about Nintendo's next gen console, the revolution.

"Revoluiton is Nintendo's next generation console. Nothing is known about it's specifications, but it's a guarantee that it's the weakest console of the three, but promises "revolutionary" gameplay with it's new controller, which it promised to show but didn't for fear of having their ideas ripped off (which has never happened in the past, meaning Nintendo just had nothing to show this year). Promising though is the newly announced ability to download all previous Nintendo games from the NES to the N64 with backwards compatibility with the Gamecube."

Don't worry, i'm about to do Microsoft. It's article was even worse.

1. No guaruntee to be the weakest console, AS NOTHING WAS SHOWN OF IT. If you want to use interviews of Nintendo's higher ups, go ahead and prove me wrong. But they're obviously holding things back.

2."(which has never happened in the past, meaning Nintendo just had nothing to show this year)"

This is the most biased part of the article. There is a very long list of features that Nintendo has made that both Microsoft and Playstation have used as well. The rumble pak, The wireless controller, the "diamond button shceme," possibly the memory card but i'm not sure if Nintendo got that from somewhere else. And that was all stuff from the Gamecube and the N64 too. Sony's playstation started off as a side-project for the SNES, as stated from Ninty freak's post, did you forget that too?


Now comes the microsoft post. Right now i've only read the first two sentences and it is funny what you guys wrote. The post on Ds-update was in the editorials, but for your site it seems like your whole site is one large editorial.

"Xbox 360, Micrsofts next foray into the gaming universe. Being the technically inferior device, Microsoft has released a press release with lies and deception to make Xbox 360 seem like the more powerful console. Regardless of how poor Microsofts battle plan is for this generation, and how spineless they're being with the Ps3, the Xbox 360 is still a stand up piece of hardware."

1. "Xbox 360, Micrsofts next foray into the gaming universe. Being the technically inferior device, Microsoft has released a press release with lies and deception to make Xbox 360 seem like the more powerful console."

See what I said? Two sentences in and you guys already made asses out of yourself. Because for a system thats not even out, it sure seems like you guys know the Microsoft staff inside and out to know they were lying. Talking about the rest of the post is unnessecary, These sentences made me not want to read the rest without laughing at whoever was smart enough to write that.


I haven't read the PS3's article, but I know what it is going to like already. >_>

"Playstation 3, Playstation 3 was recently announced at E3, and as no suprise, Sony's Cell processors is living up to expectations. As the most powerful of the next-gen consoles, Ps3 is set to give Microsoft a run for it's money in terms of harware. With no playable games, Ps3 was behind Xbox 360 on that front, but their distant release dates are conceivable reasons for the absence of playable hardware."

Just as expected, there is nothing wrong with this post. By wrong, I mean no complaints about anything. No mention of a consistent price tag of $400, or anything else that might be wrong with this godly system. In fact, it EXCUSES the lack of no playable hardware as it will be coming out in spring, 2006, EVEN though the post for Ds-update claims that dev kits have been out for 5 months. Clearly excusable.


Not only are the side-articles pitiful, but even more pitiful is the writer, Adam. Claiming that Ds-update's article is 0% fact and this is 100% fact makes me want to laugh in his face. It was an editorial, pure fact is not a requirement, merely an oppinion. Calling it baised is like calling pink a lighter red. Your post, Adam, is more biased by comparison as it trys to disclaim "lies" about a the hardware specs of a system thats not even out. How do you know all this stuff about the blue ray disc and why do you belive everything you say is true about it? Did you read or hear about sony's press conference and believe every word of it? Isn't it possible that they lied just like Microsoft to make it seem like they're the superior console?

For the love of god, as a Person who loves Games, whoever is paying the bandwith for this site, please stop. After this post I might come back to see who commented about this, I'm eager to see the lies they are going to say to make it seem like i'm some dumb ass who lives in his mother's basement.

July 25, 2005 10:30 PM

Blogger Adam said...

But this place is the exact same thing, but replace the Ninty fanboyism with Sony fanboyism.

A Sony fanboy who happens to love many Nintendo and Microsoft games, right?

As for "Sir I found this", please note that yes Revolution is guaranteed to be the weakest console, and of the number of ideas you think were stolen, a small fraction actually were. They didn't create the d-pad, they didn't create the analogue stick and they didn't create rumble. The d-pad is dated back to the intellivision, analogue stick to the Vectrex and rumble feature was technically released in the Duak Shock before the N64 was released.

If you have a problem with Sony offering the dominant console this generation, take it up with someone else. I write the truth, and comment on it. That's my self assigned job as an industry pundit. You don't like what I think, don't read. What you call Sony fanboyism, I call reporting on important events without sugar coating it.

Your post, Adam, is more biased by comparison as it trys to disclaim "lies" about a the hardware specs of a system thats not even out. How do you know all this stuff about the blue ray disc and why do you belive everything you say is true about it?

Not sure, but you seem new to the internet. If you click "links", they take you to "websites". I've sourced everything in my rebuttal to the DS Update article. What I said is 100% fact, and what the DS Update article says is 100% false. If you'd taken the time read the articles I've posted, you'll find that what I say is the truth, and it's cold hard, inarguable fact. Please, do me a favour and leave the internet. If you're too ignorant to read the source of information, then why are you reading the opinion based off the information? Go back to your rock...

July 26, 2005 1:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like how this guy says he "happens to love a bunch of Nintendo and Microsoft games" in a half-hearted attempt to sound like he isn't a biased Sony asshat.

Nintendo is responsible for the now standard 8-directional d-pad, which was a major improvement over the unwieldy Intellivision discs. They shrunk the analog stick to a size that made it simple to manipulate with a single thumb, freeing us the other fingers on the hand to use other buttons. And the rumble pack? It DID come before the Sony Dual Shock controller.


Sony countered the N64's analog stick with a "Dual Analog" controller and then, once the N64 rumble pack came out, they quickly discontinued their Dual Analog controller and replaced it with the Dual Shock. Sony went through 3 versions of the PS1 controller in reponse to Nintendo's ONE controller and peripheral.

This "Adam" character is nothing but a whiny fanboy.

July 26, 2005 4:18 AM

Blogger Adam said...

Changing and improving things is not the same as inventing them or introducing them to gaming. You are dead wrong mr/ms slushe. As for the Dual Shock, improving a controller is doing no wrong. Not improving your controller, like Nintendo, is wrong. Nintendo 64 is widely considered the industries worst controller, for a number of reasons.

The rumble feature is a touchy thing. Sony announced it first, but Nintendo got it out first. (With a time difference of only 4 months). Which do you count, the announcement or the product placement? Hard to tell. Both are valid points. No matter how you slice it, they didn't invent the rumble pack. Force feedback was a highlight feature of Microsofts Sidewinder series joystick for years before. Is Nintendo even a pioneer of rumble technology? No, not even.

July 26, 2005 11:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can't really say that the D Pad is an improvemnt of the Intellivisions directional disks. It might perform a similar task, but they're used in very differant ways (like a joystick).

They didn't create the Analogue stick, but they were the first people to use ana analogue stick to offer 360 degree directional control for 3D games, instead of the 8 directional control used by teh PS and Saturn games. Both SOny and Sega made redesigned controllers and it was obvious that it was in respone to the N64's controller.

July 28, 2005 5:56 AM

Blogger Adam said...

If you think Nintendo invented 360 degree movement in 3D games you have another thing coming. That feat was accomplished years prior by PC software developers, and again with Microsofts Sidewinder series joystick. Nintendo just decided to use a PC technology in console gaming. Nothing special.

July 28, 2005 11:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

By 360 degree control, I meant that you could move your character in 360 degrees instead of just 8 directions. PC controllers did have 360 degree control much earlier, but they were dor differant genres, and were mostly for controlling your aiming in 1st person games, e.g. shooters or flight simulators. It did just take technology used in PC games, but the N64 was mainly responsible for Analogue sticks becoming standard in all console controllers. No one can say that Nintendo invented analogue sticks but they did show how they could improve console controls.

July 29, 2005 9:52 AM

Blogger Adam said...

I suppose that's true, in the sense that Nintendo had the analogue stick to make it easier to control, but they definitely didn't pioneer 360 degree movement in the actual games themselves. Exact's, Jumping Flash did that years prior in 1995, but it was made difficult with the d-pad. So all Nintendo did was port over a technology that was already widespread in PCs. You can best Sony and SEGA would have implimented it on their own terms, but I'll give Nintendo credit for bringing it to the table earlier than people expected.

July 29, 2005 11:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ds update is barely read, i think you have way too much time on your hands. I don't care what you say to this, but after reading that you definately have too much time on your hands. You remind me of those guys who write books just on trying to discredit micheal moore lol.

July 29, 2005 12:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I laugh at you, so so so very hard, FIRST, like many other people *anonymous* said, the ds update was an editorial, they had a DISCLAMER, you know what that DISCLAMER said? it said that none/little of that was fact. they do that on ign, they do that on gamespot, and they do that on ds update. so, you can't yell at them about the 0% facts.

And, for the blog insult... well... this is a blog, isn't it? don't insult the catagory you fit into. it's like me saying all nerds are all idiots who should burn. if I DID infact say that, then I should burn. simple logic.

and yes, the design IS a veriable in the popularity of a console... look at the game cube, that looked like crap, and no one wanted it mostly beacuse of that singular fact. it was stated in the EDITORIAL, so, it is a decent argument. And many a people are making FUN of the boomerang controller, so, I don't really think that'll be a big plus in the way of market share.

once again, I'm not saying that this is fact, I'm just debating, against you. of course, doing so will probably make you yell at me...

in conclusion, your a hidious ps fanboy, who, like all other chronic fanboys who can't even BEGIN to think that their console of choice might just be worse then the compitition *I CAN do such, and belive that, while the ps2 was a decent system, it is kind of a overly powerful glory hog that deserved to be stuffed on a stake, though I respect xbox, nintendo, and,the late sega as a console developer* deserve to burn. Especially the ones that can't accept other people's oppinions *while I can accept peoples oppinions, I find it sickening when someone starts preaching about it blindly to other freaks*

in one of your comments, you said that you wanted nintendo fanboy's to read this, well, I find it kinda sad that you think nintendo fanboys are so bad. I find that sony fanboys.... well... the one's who follow sony like blind sheep, who TEND to be the dumbest of all the fanboys *sorry, but it's true, you wouldn't belive the stories I've heard*. but, once again, it's your oppinion.

try to be a little less biased in the future, open your eyes to the faults in sony also, thems being: over priced console, coky president *yes, ken kutigary (sp) is insanly coky, or very very dumb, either way, he's not making smart buisness dicisions... just look at some of the quotes on the nintendo forums......* chronic lying and deception *apparently, according to the e3 before the ps2 came out, the ps2 should be able to have graphics capable of having a playable version of toy story, with on par graphics.... hmmm, never saw anything quite that pretty on the ps2....... and of course everything that makes you think that the psp is a good quality machine, with awsome games, and insane popularity, even though the ds IS INFACT DOING BETTER!*

July 30, 2005 1:48 AM

Blogger Adam said...

-For starters, the disclaimer wasn't even on the DS Update article until I had taken action against them. So you can thank me for that little disclaimer and no one else. I'm fully aware that it's there.

-The Playstation 2 is far from an "overly powerful" console. You're fll of shit if you think that. It's the weakest and least durable of the consoles available now.

-Maybe form factor matters to you, but the 80 million people who bought Ps2 think otherwise. The hideous looking Playstation 2 has sold in droves and no one seemed to care; and while the Playstation 2 controller is probably the last visually appealing, it's still the preferred controller. That right there is proof enough that form factor, while important to illiterate and unintelligent persons like yourself, it's the exception and not the rule.

-If you think I have no respect for the Xbox or Gamecube, I'm going to have to correct you and point you towards my reviews. If a game is multiconsole, I buy the GC version if available, and one of the best console games I've ever played in my entire life just so happens to be a Nintendo made game (Super Smash Bros. Melee) on the Gamecube. As fate would have it, on the best handheld games I've ever played just so happens to be a Nintendo made game for the Nintendo DS as well (Kirby: Canvas Curse). I'm sure to a Nintendo fanboy like yourself that has to mean something.

-Your whole final paragraph is just so wrong I can't even begin...oh wait I have.
- Ken Kutaragi is a fool, yes we know that. We have to acknowledge that all of the three major players have their share kooks. Iwata, Kutaragi and Allard. All crazy mean who will speak out of their ass before they admit they're clinically insane.

-DS is doing better than PSP for a few reasons, the main one being price and Nintendo's loyal and large fanbase. If you ever even thought of the possibility of the PSP out selling the DS worldwide, you're beyond help. (Though I should note that while the DS is pulling ahead in Japan, the PSP is outselling the DS in North American almost 2:1).

-And while you may call it bad business decisions, I call it having a fanbase of 91 million and an extremely successful business model. While price my be a problem for some, I could just as easily claim that releasing the weakest and worst console next-gen is a bad business move on Nintendo's part, since you seem to think it's bad move on Sony's part this gen.

-I should also point out that Microsoft also said on 2 occassions that the Xbox could do "Toy Story in real time" as well. We both know that never came to light ever this generation, so it's a moot point. Nintendo also said they were going to sell 50 million units by March 2005, so were they lying too? The fact of the matter is, Kutaragi rarely lies, but constantly over emphasizes small and irrelevant points, and really just fits perfectly between Iwata and Allard: all insane people we just wish would never talk, ever again save divine intervention.

-Note to you: Before you call someone biased, make sure you aren't blindly praising Nintendo in the same post. Before you call someone stupid, make sure you know how to spel their name, and spell basic words like "cocky", "insanely" and "decisions". In otherwords, don't act like a dumbass and a fanboy if you're goin to demand someone else stop being/doing so.

July 30, 2005 10:51 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, MR. ADAM. Lemme tell ye a few things.

firstly, Sony sucks. That's a fact. Nintendo will rule forever! This next generatio will mark the fall of the "almighty" PlayStation and Nintendo will reclaim the throne! j00 s1r ar3 a n00b! Stop this when you know you're wrong!


How did that sound? n00bish enough? I thought so. I guess you have to go through much worse everyday from the Nintendo fanboys. Now, to bring some peace.

FIRST THINGS FIRST, PEOPLE! Just because you have a favorite doesn't give you the license to flame others. DS Update doesn't, and You sir don't either. I know you have a rebuttal in the oven just for me, so listen up.

How do you know the Revo will be the weakest console? For all you know, it could be the 360. Also, Wasn't Sony who was boasting the PS2 could have Toy Story-Quality graphics? Think about it.

July 31, 2005 10:27 PM

Blogger Adam said...

How do you know the Revo will be the weakest console?

You're right I do have a rebuttal, but this one is much easier. Nintendo thelves confirmed that Revo is in fact weaker than Ps3 or Xbox 360.

"You know, in regard to the power of the Nintendo Revolution versus, say, the Xbox 360, we're looking at making a small, quiet, affordable console. If you look at trying to incorporate all that, of course we might not have the horsepower that some other companies haveā€¦" -- Shigeru Miyamoto

July 31, 2005 10:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok... touche? But that last post wasn't exactly complete. (rush and all.) First off, you'll never know which machine is the weakest until you have them in your hands. Both the Revo and PS3 are about a year away, so all that talk of power handicaps or drive speed can be corrected. Before you say anything, I know consoles take a long time to develop and manufacture, but there may still be time. Also, power doesn't automatically win the battle. Otherwise, the N64 would've obliterated the PS1 and the Xbox would've dominated this generation.

Second, I double-dare you to include a negative thing on the PS3, since it seems you haven't. Design... so what? You said it yourself, console design does not a console sale. But it's still bulky, and the controller gives me nightmares of Adam West in 1960-something. Also, power comes at a price. Developing for PS3 will prove mighty costly, and then we will have PS vs N64 all over again. History repeats itself.


Okay... not to that degree, but still...

And I'm not a sheep or an Xbot. I just don't mention them, because you have already. Nintendo promises lots, but most times, it's all smoke and mirrors. And M$'s plans aren't the best you've seen, what with making the 360 an accesory as if it were a purse or another chair in the house. (At least, that's how I saw it.)

Feel free to destroy any point in my argument...


... now.

August 01, 2005 9:58 AM

Blogger Adam said...

You raise an interesting point, Revo's specs aren't finalized, it's one year away from the launch of the Xbox 360, so yes there is a chance that Revo could match it in terms of power but it isn't likely. Ps3 isn't a year away, in fact it's less. The Ps3, even before the late start is more powerful than the Ps3, so I don't know what you mean about not knowing until we get in our hands. We already know.

As for the design of the Ps3, it's actually smaller than the Xbox 360. I think the "arch" on top may push it's total volume higher, but it will still be similar in size. It isn't much bigger than the original Ps2 in fact. So yes, it's bulky but Xbox 360 is similarly so. If size mattered so much, why didn't Gamecube become the second best or best selling console? Because it matter to very few people, whose numbers are insignificant.

I agree, the controller is fiendishly ugly, but I also said the same thing about the Gamecube controller, and it's one of the most comfortable controllers to hold and use next to the Ps2 controller. In this case, we will have to wait until we can hold it until we know. I'm sure 7 foot something basketball players out there with gigantic hands love the original Xbox controller, but that doesn't mean it was a well built controller. It's all a wait and see game with controllers.

As for the Ps3 games costing a lot, you aren't wrong, but you didn't get the whole story. For every 10 million dollar budget game for the Ps3, a 10 mil dollar budget game will be made for the Xbox 360 in tandem. There's no doubt that Nintendo's games will cost less, since Nintendo has never invested a lot into software development ever, even to a fault sometimes. I can guarantee that there will be similarly priced budgets for the Revolution because Nintendo's console is no longer the easiest to develop for. To think the Ps3 will have the most "expensive" games is not right. While the Ps3 is still the strongest, the jump from Xbox 360 to Ps3 is not as drastic as the leap from Ps2 to Xbox.

To add one last thing, the PSX was in fact the stronger console, but did not have as much internal memory for frame buffering or texture mapping, so the effect of added polygons wasn't felt nearly as much on the Playstation side.

August 01, 2005 4:07 PM


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