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July 20, 2005

RE(5): Dearest Nintendo...Our Apologies

If you haven't heard by now, you live under a rock, or at least a slightly jaded Nintendo fat/fan-boy. Resident Evil 5 is very much real, and its looking fantastic.

Truly inspiring stuff. If these screens are to be indicative of whats to come next generation, it's going to be all dessert all the time. For real time stuff, these screens are jaw dropping...and jaw smashing. The announcement of Resident Evil 5 comes with some awkward stigma attached. Resident Evil 5 has only been announced for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. This comes as a huge blow to Nintendo's Revolution, as Resident Evil 4 was exclusive to the GameCube, at least until the wintery months of November. While the move to put the game on Playstation 3 isn't suprising in the least, the move to Xbox 360 is somewhat odd, considering there isn't a single installed RE fan in the Xbox community. I don't see anything wrong with it, the more the merrier, but if on 360, why not Revolution? Revolution will no doubt carry through with the installed fanbase of RE4, so why shun the Revolution?

There are some strikingly undeniable things that need to be looked at. Iwata made mention shortly after E3 that development kits have been sent out, and one can safely assume that Capcom, being the one of the biggest software developers that they are, would have one of these kits. They know what Revolution is, or at least what it can do (or can't do). There are two scenarios: Either Revolutions controller won't allow it to play the game properly, or the hardware itself is not powerful enough to run the games software, which could be indicative of Revolution's inferior techno guts. Some hopefuls (primarliy Nintendo fanboys) want to believe Capcom is only delaying the announcement of RE5 for Revolution because of a number of reasons, but Capcom has the development kit, and they have had it for some time. There's no question that by now they would know whether or not the Rev could handle it. There is still a possibility that these Nintendo hopefuls will have their wish come true, but it's highly unlikely.

This is more than just a blow to Nintendo, it's almost a KO. This almost seems like an omen, forboding the lack of third party support once again for Nintendo's niche market. Nintendo territory is risky business. Most third party titles fail miserably on Nintendo's console, and the succeful titles are definitely exceptions to the rule. There's no doubt Nintendo will have some killer software for Rev, but will anyone else? Time will tell, but if you ask me, the sky's grey...


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