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July 21, 2005

Resident Evil 5 Trailer...Next Next Gen...

I have to say, I'm floored. Words barely escape my mouth. The footage shown looks real-time in some spots, and not in others. I'm going to give Capcom the benefit of the doubt. Resident Evil 4 is by and large the best looking game this generation, and there's no chance of anyone surpassing it. The game looked pre-rendered from stage primus, when Leon was still infiltrating a haunted mansion. Considering RE4 ended up being all real-time, all the time, and Capcom's recent movement away from pre-rendered cut-scenes, I'd be willing to bet this trailer is real-time as well. If that's true, I'd say that more than proves the Killzone trailer is/can be real...not only that, but it pails in comparison to the realism conveyed in this trailer.

What this trailer also proves to me, is that this game has no chance of appearing on Revolution. Nintendo's console, on good authority, is the weakest console next gen, and rumours point towards it being markedly inferior to Xbox360 and Ps3. What does this mean? It means Capcom is working on a next-gen game, not two next-gen games. I suppose it's still possible to get a highly downgraded port a year or so after release, much like the dated but still lively and competitive Ps2 is getting RE4 in November, but I think Capcom would do good to begin some Revolution exclusives.

There's also something many people haven't considered: Nintendo's controller, or at least the number of buttons. The GameCube controller, notably, had just enough buttons and analogue sticks for Resident Evil 4 and some would even arguge not quite enough. Nintendo's new anti-button campaign would suggest that not only is the hardware incapable of handling Capcom's next-gen Resident Evil kernel, the controller won't be nearly as capable as the Ps3 or Xbox360. Out of all the messages on boards I've read, or rants in blogs all over the net, no one has made mention of this, and to me the controller is probably the most damning piece of evidence against Revolution at this point. To no dismerits of Nintendo's Revolution and their mystery controller, as I'm sure they'll be pumping out title after title that uses it effectively: third parties won't fare as well I fear, and if you ask me Resident Evil 5 is only the beginning.

If you haven't already seen it, or if you have, watch it again: Resident Evil 5 Trailer.


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