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August 15, 2005

Join the fight, we want YOU!

One of my readers brought to my attention this utterly hilarious piece of work. If you read it, you'll be treated to some fancy letter heads, and hilarious Thompson-isms, but the ultimate thing to note is the writers daring attempt to egg on Sir Thompson with an illustation of his own; see below.

While I can't say "Picasso", I can say "Join the fight". Below I've concocted my own Thompson death scene. At this point, he should be praying for death, as the amount of embarassment and indignant publicity this man has gathered is inhuman.

If you're reading this, I suggest you create your own version of Jack Thompsons death. Make it as brutal as possible. Once complete, submit them to a free photo dump website like Photobucket, and email the pictures to me, and I'll form a compendium of Jack Thompsons fanart. In this war, there are those who will use words, but I personally am starting a new sect of visual assaults. Make sure you use artisitc techniques like chiaroscuro shading like I did in my mega tank. All the power to you fellow GAFTs (Gamer's Against Fuckers like Thompson)!


Blogger Erik said...


Sorry about the crappiness, I don't hae photoshop.

August 16, 2005 2:31 PM

Anonymous Brent McBrenterson said...


An artist is born!

August 21, 2005 9:46 PM


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