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November 05, 2005

Review Round-Up (11/04/05) - Regaling with Jak

Reminiscing with Jak and Daxter, his pedigree of gaming goodness and sour grapes.

Jak and Daxter (PS2) -- 9.4: Naughty Dog, the founding father of the Crash Bandicoot series, a now legendary platformer for the Playstation, have now made their debut on the Ps2 with this incredible new franchise, that simply dwarfs what Crash Bandicoot was. If Crash Bandicoot was a cheap red wine, Jak and Daxter would be the champagne, its simply euphoric...Full Review

Jak II(PS2) -- 7.0: Notably, Jak and Daxter was platforming in the most literal sense. There weren't many enemies, (compared to other platformers) and the challenges weren't very difficult. Even though the game was simplisticly designed, it was too hard to put down...which is exactly why Jak II is such a disappointment...Full Review

Jak 3 (PS2) -- 9.0:Jak 3 is the epic conclusion to what we now refer to as the "Precursor Legacy Saga". Insinuating, that there be another saga, or even sagas in Jak and Daxter's future...or maybe just one of them. For all intents and purposes, it does a pretty good job at tying up loose ends, and explaining the origin of the precursors and the mysterious origin of Jak and his furry frere Daxter...Full Review

I'm hoping to get a review for Jak X posted, but I haven't finished playing the game yet, nor can I bring myself too. If there are any takers, I'd be willing to post a guest review for the game. Anyway, if you ever wondered and contemplated playing the Jak series, I highly recommend it. Even though the central chapter is a bit bumpy, the overall trilogy is very well done, well written, and overall a good set of games to own.


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